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Creating a community of caring, nurturing children. 
Transforming primary education with a one of a kind Preschool experience 

Now Enrolling for fall 2024

​Limited Space Available 

Now Enrolling for fall 2024

​Limited Space Available 

Why Montessori?

     Children learn best by doing. In Montessori, all learning is hands on and concrete. The children are given the opportunity to build their independence and be part of a community. They learn to love and respect themselves and their environment, as they take care of both. Nature's Path combines the philosophy of Montessori with the beauty of nature. The children will have the opportunity to take care of animals, work with composting and use water collected from rain barrels to water the garden, all while having access to the amazing Montessori curriculum.


A Montessori Education Program for Ages 3-6


Our Mission

Nature's Path Montessori is dedicated to honoring the human potential that lies within each child. We aspire to ignite a love of learning and cultivate a love of self, others, and the environment. We actualize the Montessori values and philosophy to guide each child according to their individual capacity and need, permitting self-development at a natural pace. We accompany a child on their path, placing stepping stones when needed to give them a foundation for a life full of joy and purpose.



“Our daughter Harper had the privilege to have Ms. Vari and Ms. Twyla for primary in the Montessori setting. They provide such a beautiful, caring and engaging experience. Harper was excited to go to school every day and we knew she was in great hands. Ms. Twyla and Ms. Vari are a great team and put a lot of thought into the beautiful experience each child receives.”             


M. Gibson, Gilbert

"Ms. Twyla and Ms. Vari create caring, creative, and fun environments for the children in their classrooms. I am so grateful that my two shy, introverted sons had Ms. Vari and Ms. Twyla as teachers for preschool and kindergarten, and it was a wonderful experience that sparked a love of school and learning in my children. Both teachers are nurturing and supportive of children's unique temperaments and interests. In a room full of young ones, they always managed to give one-on-one attention and tailored lessons to each child! For children at that young age, it is so important to instill social skills, empathy, and kindness, and Ms. Twyla and Ms. Vari not only talked about these things with the children, but they modeled it in their own behavior and in how they handled behavioral challenges. One of my sons has a life-threatening nut allergy, and Ms. Vari and Ms. Twyla were communicative and made his safety a priority." 


E. Mowad, Mesa

"Our daughter has been going here for a couple of months now, soon after they opened up and she really enjoys it. The teachers are all very kind, welcoming, and positive and they have a very clean, well-organized indoor space and a large, beautiful outdoor space with animals for the kids to help take care of, a garden, a mud kitchen, worm compost, and much more. It has been a great choice for us."           

K. Beutler, Mesa 

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